The 21st edition of ETRIA World Conference “TRIZ Future” invites the submission of original papers and best practices that combine systematic invention generation, creative design, and digital technologies to solve complex problems in any field of human activity with a particular focus on advanced systems for tackling environmental issues and other global challenges. Therefore, the conference welcomes scientific and practitioners’ contributions, as well as posters, about the main issues summarized in the list below, which however should not be considered exhaustive.

Innovation-oriented developments in artificial Intelligence and digitalization

  • artificial intelligence and systematic innovation
  • knowledge-based innovation
  • digitalization in systematic innovation
  • development of advanced engineering systems and innovative products exploiting artificial Intelligence and digitalization
  • creative and problem-solving tools addressing problems in the world 4.0
  • digital TRIZ

Progress in innovation for the sustainable development and the green deal

  • environmental issues and systematic innovation
  • inventive and creative design for sustainability
  • fundamental engineering advances in the fields of energy and sustainability
  • methodological advances to make people’s behavior more sustainable
  • eco-TRIZ and TRIZ-based eco-design
  • TRIZ in Design for Additive Manufacturing to minimize material consumption

TRIZ, inventive design, problem solving and Intellectual Property

  • advances and recent developments in TRIZ theory, tools and models
  • science of inventive problem solving, systematic invention and conflict resolution
  • advanced tools for complex problem solving
  • TRIZ and related tools in design thinking and open innovation
  • development of inventive design methods and theories
  • use of TRIZ heuristics and solutions to push creative design
  • novel approaches in patent valuation, technology transfer and Intellectual Property management
  • design for patentability
  • TRIZ and System Engineering

TRIZ in academia, industry, education and society

  • TRIZ for science and fundamental research (e.g. physics, chemistry, other natural sciences) to tackle breakthrough innovations
  • TRIZ for X: engineering applications of TRIZ and systematic innovation tools in the X-field, e.g. robotics, smart connected products, telecommunications, civil engineering, electro-mechanics, electronics, software, agriculture, machinery, renewable energy, mobility and transportation
  • TRIZ in medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology
  • TRIZ for the health services and well-being
  • TRIZ in process engineering
  • TRIZ in management, economics, strategy, politics, business and entrepreneurship
  • TRIZ in social sciences and non-technical disciplines
  • Other areas where systematic innovation is present and were not explicitly mentioned
  • TRIZ and disruptive innovation
  • TRIZ and forecasting of technical systems
  • TRIZ application in industry
  • Industrial case studies where TRIZ and systematic innovation methods are used
  • education in the fields of TRIZ and creative design
  • TRIZ to push digital education
  • TRIZ training in schools, companies and other organizations
  • TRIZ diffusion and promotion
  • TRIZ communities and communities using TRIZ